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There’s no place angels fear to tread. Just ask Danielle Egnew, who’s been getting messages from angels since she was 2 years old.

Angels are fearless and so is she. Danielle is the angelic kingdom’s “boots on the ground” — going where the need is greatest, the fears run deepest, and the shadows loom largest — in order to shine a light on situations that appear lost in darkness.


Each episode Danielle drives down America’s roads-less-traveled — from the outback of Montana's forgotten two-lane highways to Route 66  — being directed by her angels to people in out-of-the-way places who are in need of angelic guidance, giving viewers an angel’s-eye view of the human condition in a country divided.

Along the way, Danielle often receives a heavenly “heads up” to pull over and investigate eerie localities known for unexplained apparitions, or unidentified flying objects — leaving her to figure out these mysteries in order to free those who are in the grip of fear.


Wherever she finds herself — sharing life-changing angel messages in a disaster zone, over a simple slice of pie at a diner, assisting law enforcement in devastating cold cases, solving pressing paranormal mysteries, or just hanging in a bar with her guitar — Danielle dishes up her unique brand of divine TLC. Where human pain meets the angels’ perspective of human possibility, the transformations speak for themselves.


When you ride shotgun with the Road Angel, every mile brings you closer to a miracle.


melissa SCIANNA

P r o d u c e r

P r o d u c t i o n  M a n a g e r

Mary Erickson believes messaging casts a spell on culture. From a tender age, she decided to make words her wand, and a force for good. Her career as a creative executive in motion picture marketing at Universal Pictures gave her keen insight into the power of media to shape the social mind.

Her imagination and attention turned from marketing to production, driven by an imperative to create messaging that inspires humanity to live at its highest octave.

Mary put the message behind many major motion picture campaigns. Some she’s most proud of include Babe, Apollo 13, Erin Brockovich, Bruce Almighty, all those Shreks, Love Actually, Liar Liar, Cars, Madagascar, Children of Men, as well as contributing to the campaigns for the Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.

Melissa Scianna’s passion for project and event management has added to the launch of several creative ventures.

Most recently, she occupied the role of Tour Director for The Ascension Tour with Danielle Egnew across four states.

Melissa spent five years as Public Relations Director for The Goodman Group in Billings, managing the marketing for three of their facilities.Additional experience includes Public Relations Director for Beartooth Hospital and several years working with Montana’s small communities on economic and housing development.

When she is not working on production, Melissa turns her attention to her holistic health business in Bridger, MT.

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