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"Angels are the Cisco to our Flash, the Felicity to our Arrow. They're humanity's wingman, in an Ironman suit, able to see around every corner of every map."

-- Danielle Egnew, The Road Angel  

There's no place angels fear to tread. And in today’s world, there’s no place Danielle Egnew won’t go to deliver their messages. 

Since she was two years old, Danielle’s been talking to angels, and other unseen beings, and has come to know them as her allies and constant companions. Combined with her 20-year background in acoustic sciences, Danielle Egnew as The Road Angel brings the supernatural and scientific together with fearless and refreshing abandon.

Angels are not religious — and definitely not the fluffy, cherubic entities we were taught to believe in. They’re actually more like powerful “nuclear reactors” whose job is to transmute and transform energies. Even demons don’t stand a chance against these superheroes of the multiverse! Danielle’s gift is to translate the life-altering messages from these powerful beings to humans. 

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As the Road Angel, Danielle and her angelic crew drive straight into the danger zones, dark places, and deep divides that humans are confronting right now — as individuals and communities — bringing solutions to light, and replacing hatred with healing and hope.

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Each episode, Danielle walks the tightrope between the divine and the dreadful —acting as a bridge between a world in pain and a perfectly-timed message. Following her angelic GPS around the globe, Danielle drives the roads less traveled into forgotten and fascinating places across the globe. It may be her native Montana, still haunted by its own unsettled history, or America’s legendary Route 66, a two-lane highway literally dividing a divided nation, checkered with communities trying to make sense of a changing world. Whether it’s in Ireland or India, New Zealand or New York, Danielle’s unique skill set reveals that the angels are here to help guide us through these dark places, and teaches people how to engage their own supernatural gifts. 

Beyond the angelic realm, Danielle covers vast amounts of territory, psychically and physically. You may find her at the base of a collapsed mine shaft communicating with trapped spirits, sharing heart-changing angel messages with a grieving mother, investigating unidentified aerial phenomenon or crop circles, accessing “missing piece” clues for puzzled law enforcement, bridging misunderstandings in a formerly close-knit community, or comforting a stranger in a bar over a shot of tequila. Danielle puts a brand new spin on interacting with the supernatural. Where human pain meets the angels’ perspective of possibility, the transformations speak for themselves.


The meaning of life is a complicated question. When you ride shotgun with the Road Angel, every mile brings you closer to an answer. 

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