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Danielle Egnew — angel translator, psychic, medium, painter, singer/songwriter, and science geek — is as wild as the Old West of Montana that she calls home. Named "Psychic of the Year" and "Most Noted UFOlogist" by UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine, and listed as the #1 Psychic in America on Ranker, Danielle Egnew is internationally celebrated for her extensive supernatural talents. 

Known for her fun, relatable, and quirky personal style, Danielle invites audiences into the nitty gritty of the supernatural, daring to shine a light into areas of the paranormal which some may find frightening, all for the purpose of improving the human condition.


Danielle’s set of psychic skills could fill a wing at Hogwarts. Her experience encompasses angelic communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, psychometry, mediumship, remote viewing, profiling, extra-terrestrial communication and tonal healing. With a background in theatre, rock and roll, and acoustic sciences, Danielle’s curious mind and caring heart have touched lives in many sectors, both public and private. Frequently called on as a professional expert, Danielle has appeared in television shows ranging from The Psychic’s Edition of NBC’s The Weakest Link to Travel Channel’s American Mystery. She has consulted for many paranormal TV shows. Fun fact: Danielle was called upon by writers of the CW hit series Supernatural, where her detailed accounts of quirky angelic behavior shaped the character “Castiel”.

Danielle is a vetted alumni member of Best American Psychics and the national crime-solving organization Find Me. Her forward-thinking 

perspectives on consciousness have been featured in the Washington Post and The Huffington Post.

You might also recognize Danielle as the award-winning musician and producer fronting 90's genre-bending all-female alt/rock band, Pope Jane, where Danielle shared stages with luminaries such as Joan Jett, and Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart. Danielle’s powerful vocals and diverse music career have featured her on magazine covers, newspaper headlines, and books on Billboard Publishing. Danielle's most recent release, 2022's "Blue Jean Reckoning" can be found on streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and dozens of others. 

A fourth-generation Montanan, Danielle resides in Big Sky Country with her wife and their daughter, all of whom are ruled by three family dogs: Rubin and Sebastian, the fearless Pomeranians, and Angelo, the wild Mini American Eskimo. 

Find out more about Danielle by following her on social media or visiting her official website.

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